What matters most to consumers and their whānau should be at the centre of care planning and delivery. These pages provide staff working in health care with the tools, training and support to develop the skills, confidence and systems to achieve this goal.

Evidence shows consumers and their whānau want open, honest communication from their health care team, but receive this to varying degrees. We can support consumers to make better treatment and care choices by including what is important to them, their values, preferences and goals into the decision-making process. Advance care planning is one way we can do that.

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Update from the advance care planning programme – August 2020

4 Sep 2020, ACP information for clinicians

This update from the advance care planning programme includes information on speakers for the Ō tātou hiranga what matters to us hui, whenua ki te whenua the new ACP guide for whānau, training for ACP and SICG and welcomes a new staff member.

Advance Care Planning Day – Friday 3 April 2020

29 Jan 2020, ACP information for clinicians

Advance Care Planning (ACP) Day, Friday 3 April 2020, will focus on explaining the benefits of ACP and work towards making it ‘business-as-usual’ for all health care professionals