Subscribing to an RSS feed enables you to keep up to date with the latest content added to a website. RSS feeds are commonly available on pages where content changes frequently, such as news pages. You can view an RSS feed through a browser-based feed reader, such as My Yahoo! or Google Reader, or you can download the information to your computer. 

If you use Microsoft Outlook you can download the feed to your RSS feed folder within Outlook. Alternatively you can subscribe through Feed My Inbox which will send the feed straight to your inbox.

Subscribe using Outlook

To subscribe to an RSS feed using Outlook 2010 follow the instructions below:

  • Copy the following URL:
  • In Outlook right-click on the “RSS Feeds” folder.
  • Choose the “Add a new RSS Feed...” menu option.
  • Paste the URL in to the “New RSS Feed” dialog box then click OK. (Press 'Ctrl V' to paste the copied URL without using a mouse)
  • Click “Yes” to add the feed.

Subscribe using Feed My Inbox

To subscribe to an RSS feed using Feed My Inbox follow the instructions below:

  • Copy the following URL:
  • Go to external link
  • Paste the URL in the top box and enter your email in the lower box. Click 'Submit'.
  • Feed My Inbox will send a confirmation email to your inbox. Simply click the green 'Confirm Subscription' box to start receiving updates. If you cannot see the green 'Confirm Subscription' box you may need to download pictures by right clicking in the email body and selecting this option.


Last updated 29/09/2015